Mattress and pillows maker Vitafoam has added a spring pocketed coil pillow to its range of sleep products. This custom designed interactive smart pillow is hand crafted in Italy and combines the benefits of springs, pocketed coils and memory foam into one pillow.

Rakesh Shah, the Managing Director of Vitafoam Products Limited explained, “In an average sized spring pocketed coil pillow there are approximately 12 liters of air. With every slight pressure of the head, warm air will flow out taking away heat and moisture and every time the pressure is released fresh air gently flows in.”

“This creates an ideal microclimate around the head and face preventing overheating and increased heartbeat . Because of its active contour system, the spring pocketed coil pillow instantly adapts to any weight, shape and movement.”

In addition to the spring pocketed coil pillow, Vitafoam Products Limited offers three other pillows in this range to give the customer a wider selection. These include Visco-Spring Frienze pillow and the Memory Foam pillows.

These pillows are recommended for people suffering from neck pain, back pain, spondylitis, arthritis, rheumatism, migranes, stress and asthma. This is because they are designed for greater comfort during sleep with features like pocket adaptive spring system, air circulation for temperature control, ideal spine alignment and a unique non flatten system.