President Uhuru Kenyatta Friday described the opposition as a group of power hungry leaders who are only worried about their own selfish interests.

President Kenyatta said the greed for power by opposition leaders is betrayed by the manner in which they are obsessed with creating more positions for themselves in disregard of the Constitution.


“You see them in press conferences at hotels talking about who will take the position of president, of prime minister, of deputy president. Where is the agenda for Kenyans,” said the President who was accompanied by Deputy President in a tour of Kericho County.

The President said Kenyans will not benefit from how power hungry leaders share positions in Government.

“Kenya will have moved forward were it not for the type of leadership promoted by some politicians,” said the President.

He said in contrast, the Jubilee Government is focused on how to help Kenyans without regard for who holds what position in Government.

“Our unity is our strength. We work like brothers with my deputy. You know that the other ones are only interested with trappings of power,” said the President.

Addressing wananchi in Kericho town, Kipchimchim grounds, Brooke and Chepseon in Kericho County on Friday after launching various development projects, Kenyatta said no amount of intimidation and noise making will deter the Government from implementing its agenda for the country.

President Kenyatta said Jubilee was focused on unity, peace, development, creating jobs so as to reduce cases of poverty in the country.

“Our focus is to initiate development projects that have direct positive impact on the lives of Kenyans when those in the Opposition are busy talking of creating more positions for themselves,” said President Kenyatta.

The President said the Jubilee Administration was directing its energies on creating more employment opportunities for millions of Kenyans through initiation of development projects with direct positive impact on their lives.

“Creation of more positions like those of Prime Minister, four Vice Presidents among others are just selfish and has nothing to do with improving the lives of Kenyans,” said the President.

“Jubilee will continue to focus on its agenda of initiating development projects to ensure millions of Kenyans improve their living standards as our colleagues in the Opposition look for more positions to achieve their selfish interests,”
The Deputy President dismissed the plans by the Opposition to create more positions for themselves other than exploring ways of creating employment opportunities for the youth.

“Plans by the Opposition to look for ways of creating more positions for themselves ahead of the next election is a clear indication that they have nothing for Kenyans,” said Ruto.

“These are individuals who only think about themselves. They have no agenda for Kenyans at all,” added the Deputy President. “The Opposition leaders have eyes but they can’t see. They have ears but they cannot hear anything because they have no agenda for the people.”

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen said attempts by the Opposition leaders to create more positions in disregard of the Constitution would hit a snag saying the country’s Constitution was clear on the existing positions.

“It is a shame that the Opposition want to create more positions which are not in the Constitution. This has revealed their greed for power,” said Mr Murkomen.

MPs who accompanied the President included Aaron Cheruiyot (Kericho), Stephen Sang (Nandi), Kipchumba Murkomen (Elgeyo Marakwet), Benjamin Langat (Ainamoi), Justice Kemei (Soin /Sigowet), Jackson Rop (Kipkellion West), Leonard Sang (Buret), Hellen Chepkwony (Kericho) and Governor Paul Chepkwony (Kericho)