– A recent poll conducted by the Star newspaper has placed Uhuru Kenyatta in the lead

– The poll comes barely a week after a similar polls done on social platforms placed Raila Odinga in the lead

If a General Election was held today, Uhuru Kenyatta would win with a landslide, triumphing with a stellar 54{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33} to Raila’s measly 32{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33}.

18{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33} of the 2000 Kenyans who participated in the poll are still undecided on who to vote for in the coming election.

 The poll which was conducted by the star conforms with an earlier poll by the Ipsos Synovate poll that placed Uhuru at 50{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33} and Raila at 22{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33}.
The same poll however places Raila in the lead as the favourite candidate to fly the NASA flag in the August election.