Powerful typhoon Nock-Ten is continuing to batter the Philippines, as it heads towards the area around the heavily-populated capital Manila.

Civil defence officials have been put on “red alert”, as the storm is due to hit the city later on Monday.

The storm has weakened since making landfall on the eastern coast on Sunday, but it still packs winds up to 140 km/h (87mph), meteorologists say.

Three people were reported killed in Albay province, south-east of Manila.

The storm has cut power lines and uprooted trees.

Manila’s civil defence office warned that the capital could be hit by “heavy to intense rains, flash floods and severe winds”.

“Our local disaster councils are on red alert,” said Mina Marasigan, spokeswoman of the country’s disaster monitoring council.

“We have pre-positioned relief supplies and rescue and (road) clearing equipment in Metro Manila,” she added.

The coastguard has ordered beaches south of Manila to be cleared.