I love it when they come in full school uniform, they look so neat. This ones are also all well shaved, both boys and girls, boarders from CITAM schools Kiserian Centre. They even brought me a bonus boy, just in case one of them becomes shy, quite thoughtful. The best thing about having children from a school, is the discipline, they are accompanied by teachers. (No one misbehaves with teachers around, even when you meet them in a random function, you put on your best behavior) They woke up very early and began the journey from Kajiado County, a bit tired but with shiny faces, plus they came exactly at 8:00am so we were all panicking on their arrival. We have to go on air now, prepared or not. So help us God!

Mary, Judy, Sonya and John are children who have gone through a tough beginning, rescued from tormenting childhoods and now enjoying all their basic needs at the rescue center. They have big dreams for the future; I had a pilot,  aeronautical engineer, technical engineer and missionary in studio, all bubbly and full of encouragement. What struck me is their desire to save other children going through hardships in the world; a 10-year-old might have a desire to go for adventures, play games and explore the world. But not these ones, all they could do if they were president is to get help for all children who need it.

Off air, they are great dancers, they even make requests and stand in a straight line then dance as though dancing is what brought them in studio; today I have one of those crowds that are vibrant jumpy and noisy when microphones are off, but when I countdown to going back on air, they are composed little adults.

They have all the basic needs at the rescue center, but what catches my attention is their focus on what matters most. That after being rescued they know about Jesus and they keep learning about Him daily. All of them have big dreams, and they don’t seem to dwell in their past, joy is written all over their faces as they tell me how they wish all their brothers and sisters from the home were able to come on air and enjoy the radio experience. All I see is love; I actually see so much treasure in them. And the best part of the story is that, they know it, they believe it and they live it!

But I know that there are children who are not aware of their worth, who are suffering because they do not know that they are treasure. Yes, there is treasure in every child. God made each of them in a unique and special way. No child is a mistake, no matter how, where and when they were born. So they need to be told that they don’t need to compare themselves with any other child, not aim low just because of what they have gone through.  That God created them each for a beautiful purpose.

‘For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.’

©Rawder Kidula

Rawder Kidula is our children program host. Tune in every saturday from 8am for Treasure Hunt with Aunty Rawder