Former IEBC boss James Oswago has denied charges in the chicken gate scandal and has been released on Sh600,000 cash bail.

Oswago was charged on Wednesday alongside Trevy Oyombra, a local agent for British firm Smith & Ouzman and a woman named Hamida Ali. Oyombra was released on Sh1 million cash bail and Ali Sh600,000 cash bail.

The suspects were arrested earlier on Wednesday at their homes in Nairobi and faced charges related to procurement of election materials for Bunyula and Bomachoge constituencies.

Oswago denied two counts of willful failure to comply with procedures and guidelines relating to procurement and receiving a bribe of Sh2 million from Ali.

Oyombra faced nine counts of soliciting and receiving a benefit from Nicholas Smith, a Smith & Ouzman director. He and Ali also denied the charges they faced.

Oswago made a passionate appeal for release on a free bond, on grounds that he faces a similar case, while his co-accused asked to pay between Sh10,000 and Sh50,000.

Their lawyers said they were not flight risks and had been collaborating with investigators since the probe began in 2012.

But city magistrate Lawrence Mugambi said the court needed to consider the seriousness of the charges they faced.

Investigators have been gathering details since 2012 when the scandal was exposed.