Former Director of Medical Services in the Ministry of Health Dr James Nyikal is urging the county and national governments to convene a meeting with the striking doctors to address their grievances.

Nyikal who is now the MP for Seme constituency in Kisumu County says the two levels of governments must now strike a deal with the doctors adding that concerns being raised by doctors should not be wished away.

Addressing a press conference in Kisumu, the legislator said the country risks losing a number of doctors to other countries.

“There’s another danger that they (government) are not seeing with the doctors. Many of those doctors will leave the country and we will end up as a country training more people to work as doctors,” he said.

According to Dr Nyikal, any attempt by striking medics to look for greener pastures outside the country could leave the country with an acute shortage of doctors urging the government to look at the remunerations of the doctors to prevent that from happening.

“The National Government and the County Governments must sit down with the doctors in order to find a solution,” he said. “ The doctors are not inhumane but the employer must also respond to their demands,” he said.

The MP expressed optimism that a solution will be found to cushion Kenyans from further suffering as experienced during strike.

Nurses union reached an agreement with the government yesterday but a spot check in public hospitals in Kisumu showed a different scenario. No nurse turned up for work as patients also kept off hospitals. This, as a result of differences in the nurses’ union leadership.