ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi on Friday asked Kenyans to vote wisely in the coming elections.

In his New Year message, Mudavadi said the decisions Kenyans make when voting have a direct impact on their families, the society and the country at large.

“The Auditor General says three-quarters of our budget is lost to corruption. I call upon Kenyans to resolve that. 2017 is the year of change. We must forge unity of purpose to reclaim our country. Kenya must return to the path of accountability, truth and justice,” he said.

Mudavadi said the government prioritised valueless mega projects as developments programs to steal from Kenyans.

“Valueless grandiose projects have been shoved into Kenyan faces with little immediate economic value, yet we are saddled with a Sh3.6 trillion public debt.”

He said the Jubilee government was not embarrassed about stealing; instead, it regrets not being in power earlier or longer to enhance theft.

The Amani leader said Kenyans had experienced a rough time during the Jubilee regime especially in 2016.

“I know you did not have the best of 2016. The cost of transport, food and other household goods has skyrocketed beyond your capacity to afford. Unfortunately salaries have stagnated for those in employment. The economy is only performing miracles for a few,” he said.

He thanked Kenyans for “keeping vigil and exposing corruption”, therefor keeping the government on track.

He also commended the Senate citing it had prevented anarchy rule by President Uhuru Kenyatta over the electoral laws.

“The Senate has protect public interest. But the scheming remains. Let the Senate fall prey to delaying tactics and machinations aimed at justifying postponement of elections. It’s not beyond Jubilee to enact monkey business to muddy waters against holding elections on schedule.”

Mudavadi has been endorsed by the Amani coalition to be their flag bearer in the 2017 presidential race.