Catholic bishops have voiced their support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and applauded the government’s sustained onslaught against corruption. 

The bishops who paid the President a courtesy call at State House, Nairobi, under the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) umbrella said if left unchecked, corruption is a major threat to the country’s socioeconomic wellbeing.

They said the Catholic church fully supports the government’s sustained fight against graft as a fulfillment of its anti-corruption campaign that was launched in Subukia in October 2019.

“We are pleased Your Excellency that since the launch of this campaign, the message has gone through our dioceses and down to the parishes,” said the bishops who were led by Nairobi Archbishop John Cardinal Njue and the KCCB chairman Most Rev Philip Anyolo who is also the archbishop of Kisumu.

On BBI, the bishops assured the President of the Catholic church’s backing and called for a well structured participatory process that gives every Kenyan an opportunity to be heard. 

“We urge all stakeholders to focus on the good of the citizens and forget selfish ambitions,” Archbishop Njue said.

Archbishop Anyolo assured that as a church, they will play their role effectively and instill good morals by preaching against vices like corruption.

President Kenyatta thanked the bishops for their support saying his administration views the church as a key partner in both the BBI process and the war against graft.