Households should not expect power rationing or higher electricity bills in the near future despite biting drought that has reduced hydro power generation, Kenya Power said yesterday.

The utility firm said there is an electricity reserve of 27.11 per cent from its energy mix, which will supplement the shortfalls.

This is based on the effective generation capacity of 2,250 mega watts against a demand of 1,640MW.Kenya’s installed capacity stands at 2,327MW.

Acting chief executive Ken Tarus allayed fears that continued drop in water levels in Masinga Dam are expected to reduce the hydro-power contribution to the national grid, which might result in decreased energy supply after the failed October-December rains.

“Even with the hydrological conditions that we are experiencing at the moment, we do not foresee any possibility of carrying out power rationing. Get it from us – we are not about to carry out any power rationing,” Tarus said during a breakfast meeting with manufacturers in Nairobi.

He assured Kenyans that power bills will not go up despite an increase in the fuel cost charge caused by the increase in fuel prices.