The Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) has urged Kenyans to remain calm amidst reports of the first diagnosed case of Coronavirus.

KATA CEO Ms. Agnes Mucuha stated that despite a case being reported in the country, Kenyans should continue following directives issued by the Ministry of Health that will help in stopping the spread of the highly contagious disease that has so far claimed over 4,600 lives and infected over 130, 000 others.

“We urge the public to take every precaution as they go about their business to avoid the risk of spreading the disease further. We are confident in the measures that are in place by the government to control the spread of the disease and with adherence” she stated.

The Kenyan Government, she added, is fully prepared and is following the issue closely and has set up mitigation measures to ensure the safety of its citizen.

She further called upon the public to avoid spreading unsubstantiated rumours through social media on COVID-19 to avoid causing a state of panic and misinformation.

“I encourage travellers and the public in general to seek information from credible sources like the Government websites and KATA travel agents,” the CEO urged.