Award winning Kenyan Gospel Minister Lilian Jairo will lead a team of fellow local Gospel ministers in an afternoon of praise and worship in Nairobi, Kenya.

The February event  is themed ” Witness of Jesus Christ” and derives its theme from Acts 1: 8, where our Lord Jesus Christ, when commissioning His disciples upon departing for heaven, said “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth”

Other celebrated Gospel Artists such as Emma Omonge, John Okidi and Jane Itumbi will also minister at the concert.

Speaking to Hope Media on the upcoming afternoon of live Praise and Worship gospel music concert, Lilian revealed that the event  will be graced by her husband, Prophet Anthony White, who ministers in  London, UK, and will be the main speaker during the concert. VOSH International Nairobi Bishop Erastus Kwaka, who is her spiritual mentor, will also minister at the event.

The Gospel Minister who is a worship leader at the Voice of Salvation and Healing Church, in Buruburu , Nairobi is also a recording artist and  professional songwriter. Her song “Mor” enabled her to bag the  2022 Maranatha Awards for the Best Praise Song

Last year, Lilian won the 2023 Kibali Awards for Praise and Worship song of the year.

The Gospel minister who sings in English and Swahili, has lately ventured into Dholuo Gospel Music  with her songs warmly received by the audience.

She begun her music ministry in 2014 and has picked up many lessons in her journey as she makes a mark in the Gospel Music industry in East Africa.

Having begun her journey, as a back up vocalist for many years, Lilian narrated a 2022 live recording concert that resulted in the deletion of all her music videos!

“It was a live recording concert. Unfortunately all my videos got deleted! It wasn’t easy but I thank GOD who gives us grace as we trust in Him. And He has (now) enabled me to organize another one this year, on the 3rd of February 2024,” Lilian said.

As the  CEO at Lilywhites production, a record label where she produces audio and videos for gospel artists vocal couch.

“Currently I have done some few songs, one of them is “Mor” which has been well received. Another one is ‘Olochona” “.

As the Gospel Music industry continues to receive both artists and ministers, for Lilian the motive of their music service should give God the priority.

“Music  is wide. we have categories and motives as well. There are people who sing because they want to win souls ( for The Lord). There are also people who are into it because they have seen opportunities to make money, which is not a bad thing, you know. Your talent can open great doors for you! But how I pray that people may do it for God. First, you do it for God, and then your gift opens doors and you are able to make some income out of it”, She stated.

Lilian further pointed out that the society should be cognizant of the fact that music making is an expensive venture. She however advices those desiring to venture into the industry:

“Music is a calling. But it can also be a blessing to an individual”.

As Kenyans are increasingly celebrating Gospel Musicians who are singing in their local languages, Lilian says, for artists, it is normally a difficult decision to make, whether to stick to the national language, Kiswahili, and thereby have a national reach, or venture into the local language, hence a reduced reach.

” We’ve been struggling as artists. You know, you want to ask yourself, should I do Swahili songs? Should I do English songs in Kenya? Because , you know, we have different tribes. So someone may think that if I (use) my mother tongue, it (the songs) won’t sell. If I do Swahili songs, it won’t yield much fruit, because there are so many artists who are doing their songs in Swahili. So, in this, we are led by the Holy Spirit. Do whatever you feel is right…whatever you feel the Holy Spirit is commanding you to do.  You can do vernacular songs, and that’s fine.

Lilian shared her experience as she navigated this decision to settle on Dholuo songs, that are mostly appreciated by the Nyanza folk:

“Some years back I would listen to Emmy Kosgei, I still do even now. It is rare (for you to find) Emmy doing English or Swahili songs. And you know her songs have been a  blessing to many. I even listen to Zulu songs from South Africa, yet we don’t even understand much (of the language). So, i believe we should be driven by the Holy spirit to do these things. So, if you have a song in vernacular, just do it”.

” For example, I did a song called “Mor” (meaning , joy).  I thought only Luo (speakers) will love the song. And it really surprised me that the song has gone viral. Even other tribes live it. so when the Holy Spirit drives you to do a song, do it, and leave it to God”, she concludes.