Church leaders have appealed for peace as the Supreme Court is set to hear the petitions regarding the August 9 election.
Peace and Mercy Church Pioneering Bishop Kipsoi Chumo told politicians to desist from prejudice, and instead allow the court to do its work.
Bishop Kipsoi, aged 112 years old, further urged the church to remain united and prayerful, saying the virtues are important as far as spiritual warfare is concerned.
Speaking in Kericho town, Kipsoi said  the court will make its verdict based on evidence as opposed to sideshows and interference.
He also called for prayers, noting the will of God should prevail in every situation.
The sentiments were echoed by Bishop John Mpurkoi of the Narok PAG, who appealed for patience.
Bishop Kisotu also urged politicians and their supporters to accept the court’s verdict, adding that as a church, they are praying for peace and harmony in the country.