Christ is the answer Ministries CITAM has suspended all is church services for the next three weeks. Addressing the press At CITAM Valley Road Nairobi, the presiding Bishop of CITAM Rev, Dr. David Bishop Oginde flanked by the senior pastors has said that this is in a bid to comply with the government directive.

According to CITAM Bishop Dr. David Oginde, the suspension of the Sunday services and Mid-week services at all 24 CITAM branches in the country is a move that is meant to secure the Congregants from the Corona Virus that has already infected 185,000 and claimed 7,500 lives so far.

To ensure that the Congregants continue to receive spiritual nourishment CITAM will from this Sunday the 22nd broadcast its services live. The services will be broadcast on Hope TV and Hope FM and live-stream on the various CITAM Social Media platforms until further notice.

Also suspended are all Sunday and Mid-week services in our sanctuaries for next three Sundays after which we shall advise on way forward. Meanwhile, all fellowship meetings (such as Men’s or Women’s etc.) are also suspended including all Keshas until further notice.

CITAM Pastors have further been instructed to conduct weddings and funerals as per government guidelines during this period and will also follow guidelines given regarding hospital and home visitations.

Addressing the press Bishop Oginde has also urged the government to ease the tax burden on Kenyans with the effect of the Corona virus slowly crouching into the economy. He has encouraged Christians to express love and be generous during this time.

CITAM has also welcomed the move by president Uhuru Kenyatta to declare the Saturday 21st as a national prayer day amid the outbreak of the Corona virus.

With the gravity of the matter fully considered Bishop Oginde has also issued a clarion call to other churches and religious organizations to adhere to the government directive to combat the spread of the virus.Bishop Oginge also called on Christians to be watchful and to pray always.

Other churches that that have suspended their Sunday services are PCEA, Anglican church, Nairobi Parklands Baptist Church and Nairobi chapel.