A section of evangelical church leaders in Nakuru have called on the government to allow churches to hold Sunday services with restrictions to prevent COVID 19.

Speaking to the press, the leaders appealed to the government to have few people noting that members need encouragement.

The Bishops say that church members need this thing will end if the doors of the church are made to open as currently there is not certainty people need prayer the bible says men shall live by words of the mouth of God.

The court is expected to issue a ruling on a case that seeks to compel the government to allow church gatherings under restrictions meant to curb spread of COVID 19.

The Bishops also expressed the need for the government to allow churches to directly aid families with food stuff saying that they would carry out the activity in an orderly manner.

The leaders have further added that the there is a hunger of God’s word encouragement and guidance among the members some of whom are not connected to the internet.

The government on Monday, 27th April, gave restaurants the green light to reopen to the public. However, they will have to comply with strict rules on physical distancing to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The High court is expected to issue a ruling on the status of reopening churches amid the governments fight of the corona virus pandemic next week.