The head of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit has asked Kenyans to celebrate with “sobriety” and cautioned them against using their financial resources without a care in lavish celebrations during the Christmas and new-year festivities only to find themselves penniless when the new year begins.

In his Christmas message to Kenyans, Dr Sapit advised parents to remember they will be required to pay school fees for their children when schools re-open in January.

“Let us curb our spending so that January does not become a month of crying but instead a moment when we can all be able to manage the situation and face the demands of the new year,” said Dr Sapit.

At the same time, the archbishop warned against the habit of drink driving, which he said has become a menace during festive seasons leading to the loss of many lives.

He said this can be avoided if drivers are sober and alert.

“Let us not indulge in actions like drinking and driving because we will end up jeopardizing many people’s lives.

“Let us also be responsible, both on the roads and at home and let this Christmas be one of joy and not one that will end in turmoil,” he added.

With the elections also coming in 2017, Dr Sapit also called on Kenyans to use the Christmas season to spread love and cheer amongst themselves and reject any efforts by political leaders who will be running for various seats to divide them along tribal lines.

He said the church is hopeful that the country will remain united before and after the polls and called on political leaders to avoid making statements that could turn Kenyans against one another.