The US government has pledged to move ahead with the transfer of inmates out of the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, rejecting President-elect Donald Trump’s demand for a freeze.

With President Barack Obama set to leave office on January 20, White House spokesman Josh Earnest put Trump on notice on Tuesday that more inmates would be moved.

“I would expect, at this point, additional transfers,” he said.

Earnest’s comments came just hours after Trump tweeted that “there should be no further releases from Gitmo”.

There are 59 prisoners remaining at the controversial detention centre, only a handful of whom have started moving through the military tribunals, including the alleged plotters of the 9/11 attacks.

Many of the others are in legal limbo: Not charged but deemed too dangerous to release.

Trump has vowed to “load [Guantanamo] up with some bad dudes” once he is in the White House.

The White House pointedly responded when asked if Trump’s position would impact Obama’s thinking. “No, it will not,” Earnest said.

“He will have an opportunity to implement the policy that he believes is most effective when he takes office on January 20,” he added.