Were they trembling? Most likely… they possibly mumbled at the instruction… they might have wondered, how do you just pick someone’s item without asking for permission? ‘Teacher, are you sure this won’t land us into trouble? They will accuse us of stealing! We might be beaten by a mob… It’s hard, it’s so scary, master, and this is beyond what we can do. No, seriously…This is way too dangerous! Why don’t you just go and get it yourself? Or better yet, why don’t we go with you? That way, it will be easier.’ They might even have opted to carry out any other duty just to stay away from this that looked too hard! It’s not mentioned… all we know is that they went.

May be with sweat beads forming on their foreheads, hands and voices all shaky, looking around for anyone in view, tip toeing, Disciple A whispers to disciple B…

‘You go untie it’… then in such great fright the other one whispers in a feeble voice, ‘no, you go get it…’ back and forth they went, and finally gathering all the little courage they had, they untied the donkey, and started walking away with it…

We won’t go into what might have happened on their way back, probably the owner of the donkey saw them. He might have yelled at them, chased after them, called the neighbors etc. They might have run off towards where Jesus was, or may be taken the longest route in fear of being ‘caught’.

Just for a moment let you mind roam in Bethphage near Jerusalem.

Okay… welcome back.

Let’s face it, at times the LORD presents us with somewhat dangerous, confusing, scary, etc. kind of situations. You actually could be going through such as we speak, and you are wondering whether to go or not to, you probably have given all excuses as to why you must not do it: I am not competent, I am afraid; I am not the best at this, what will people think of me? What if I fail? The list is endless. I have some good news for you today. You have exactly the same weapon as the two disciples that Christ sent in Mathew 21.

  1. 3 Says, If anyone asks what you are doing, just say, ‘The Lord needs them,’ and he will immediately let you take them.’

You have the name of JESUS! Yeshua, the messiah, the healer, the provider, the savior, the AMEN, the king of Kings and Lord of lords, the son of the living God, the one who intercedes for you, He was before creation and shall be for eternity. Every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth at the mention of His name (Philippians 2:10)

Christ gives you very hard, yet too simple tests, because you already have the answers.

  1. The test of courage- He has commanded that you should be strong and courageous, and not discouraged, for he will be with you wherever you go (Joshua 1:9)
  2. The test of obedience-To obey is better than sacrifice (1st Samuel 22:15 )
  3. The test of faith- without this, it’s impossible to please God (Hebrews 6:11)

With the situation you are faced with today he asks, are you willing to be courageous and to take the risk? Are you ready to obey? Last but not least, will you believe?

Child of God, Go! You got all it takes. You have JESUS CHRIST!