Donald Trump, set to be sworn in as President of the US on Friday, has relinquished his beloved Android smartphone for a Secret Service-approved encrypted device, according to reports.

Now that the mogul-turned-president no longer has his civilian phone — which was a Samsung Galaxy, per a New York Times report — he may be unable to use Twitter as frequently as he has to date.

However, Trump has claimed he will continue to tweet at his regular @realDonaldTrump handle as well as the White House’s official @POTUS account.

President Obama’s tweets will be archived at a new account, @POTUS44, maintained by the National Archives.

Trump’s new secure phone has a new number that few people possess, according to the Times. The President-elect told an associate on Thursday that he had given up his regular Android device, per the Associated Press.

Trump aides “expressed relief” that he will not be able to be as easily reachable by phone, the NYT reported, as they “have often been blindsided when a reporter, outside adviser or office-seeker dialed the president-elect directly.”

When Barack Obama took office in 2009, he was similarly forced to trade in his personal smartphone for a security-hardened BlackBerry with a very limited set of features.