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The government has termed it illegal for anyone to recycle surgical masks and sell them to the public following concerns over the circulation of the commodity by unscrupulous traders.

Social media has been awash with images of people collecting used and disposed facemasks, while others captured unsuspecting citizens washing the facemasks and drying them to be sold again.

While cautioning against the move, Governemnt spokesman Col (Rt)Cyrus Oguna, on his Twitter handle, said that action of recycling masks can put the public at the risk of contracting COVID19.

Oguna urged Kenyans to be on the lookout and report anyone who is involved in sale of reused masks to prevent spread of covid 19.

He further warned that the Coronavirus cannot be seen by the naked eye, neither can one tell who is infected, as anyone can be carrying it. Oguna said the risk of local transmissions might go up ifKEnyans do not follow the set guidelines by theministries of Health and the Interior and Coordination of National Government .

Meanhwile, the US Ambassador to Kenya has urged members of the public to wear face masks as a safeguard agains the spread of the novel corona virus.

In a tweet, Kyle McCarter has called for the public to practice social distancing and other measures spelt out by the government through the Minsitry of health.