Kenyatta National Hospital in collaboration with Philips has commissioned the state-of-the-art MRI machine that will be in operation for 24 hours in a day.

The machine brings to an end the 2 years that the biggest referral hospital in East And Central African has been operating without a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine

The machine was officially launched by the KNH CEO Dr. Evanson Kamuri and Philips Africa CEO Jasper Westerink.

The MRI machine, which is government funded, is one of the most sophisticated machines available in the region.

The new Ingenia 3.0T MR System will boost service delivery at KHN’s radiology department by delivering premium quality images with digital clarity and speed thereby remove the backlog of patients who require MRI services.

Currently, KNH receives at least 80 patients each day who require MRI services.

Speaking at the commissioning event, KNH CEO Dr. Evanson Kamuri said, “The MRI machine will revolutionize our way and means of serving Kenyans and in keeping up with the national goal of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Knowing Kenyatta is the apex of the UHC, this new MRI machine will streamline and give Wanjiku the optimum in terms of diagnosis and treatment.”

Philips CEO Jasper Westerink noted they are committed to ensuring that as many Kenyans as possible access quality affordable healthcare.

“This new MRI machine will be in operation for at least 10 years. We are engaging the Kenyan government at all levels to ensure Kenyans can access affordable healthcare not only at national level but also at county level. “Said Westerink.