Some want to be doctors, others pilots, others teachers and others musicians. Some have not yet decided while others have over five careers in mind, and believe they can do it all. I ask few of them about their future plans and the answers I get make me happy. Growing up, I couldn’t say I would like to be a radio therapist, podiatrist or even rheumatologist. What is that? I only had five options, teacher, doctor, lawyer, pilot and hairdresser. Nowadays, children are more exposed and they have more options.

Then I ask about animals they would be if possible, and their favourite foods and colours. Sometimes I ask about their families and school. On crazy mornings, I go ahead and ask about the leadership of the nation. Some impress me; others have no idea who William Ruto is. The best thing about this job is that I get to meet a new crowd every Saturday and my curiosity is refreshed. How could I forget this, nearly 80{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33} of the children I host have no idea what their parents do for a living. One told me that the dad photocopies for people, so I thought he works in a cyber cafe. Only to realize that the man in question is a general manager in a big company in Nairobi, guess what, the 6-year-old sees the photocopy machine in his father’s office and no one tells him what exactly is going on.

Let’s have a look at another one of my famous questions: What makes you happy? Oh, this one gives me interesting answers from presents, to parties, people in their lives (especially grandmothers)  then school makes some happy, while we have a crowd that stares at me wondering what makes them really happy.

Then Bible questions, memory verses and other spiritual questions. Once again, there are days when I am challenged, I wonder how a 7-year-old can elaborate a verse, or master a whole chapter. Others give more insights about the day’s topic than what I had prepared for. I pick calls and 5 – year – old don’t want to be left out, they actually say ‘Aunty Rawder I would like to add something…’

It’s always fun knowing this kids, but wait. There is something you don’t hear on radio. The shock on some guardians faces after the show, some can’t believe their children speak so well with so much confidence, others are disappointed that their children haven’t memorized any memory verse. Then some are also wondering why their children haven’t chosen a career path, or have no role models. The funniest I have come across is this one who was so tense on air and forgot her mother’s name, so after the program her mother cancelled their ice cream date.

Well Aunty Rawder what is your point today?

My point is this, parents, don’t wait for your colleagues, friends and relatives to make you know your child. Get to know them daily, show some interest in who they are, apart from their scores in school; ask them about their day, their interests, their hobbies, ambition etc. Make it deliberate, from home. At the same time, give them some information about yourself; let them know who you are, your real name, your career, interests and a few more things about you. (Remember to also warn them not to share your phone number and other important details with strangers)

Spiritually, your child will know more about God if you train them on the ways of the Lord. It is not the work of Sunday school teachers or C.R.E in school Keep your child spiritually check. If you don’t train them at home, or help them read the word understand and master verses, then don’t be shocked when they forget the one you have forced in them the night before.

©Rawder Kidula