Former internal security assistant minister Alfred Khangati has asked retired ACK Archbishop Eliud Wabukala to consider not taking up proposed EACC chairman job.

Khangati, during a press briefing in Bungoma town on Tuesday, advised Wabukala to stay away from the task ‘as it will only taint his name the same way it did for Kinisu’.

The former Kanduyi MP said: ”I want to ask my good friend Wabukala not to pick up the job because there are high possibilities that the task may soil his good name,”

Khangati, who has declared interest in the Bungoma governor seat in 2017, said that there are high possibilities that the appointment is meant to hoodwink Bungoma residents.

”We know that Kinisu was a Bukusu from here in Bungoma and the appointment of Wabukala is just to tell Bungoma people that we did away with Kinisu and now we have given you back the job by appointing Wabukala,” he said.

Khangati said that appointments based on tribe should not be the case in the country, adding that only qualified candidates should be given such jobs.

This comes even as Wabukala himself has said that he is ready to pick up the task once the parliament is done with the process.