A 24 hour month long prayer watch has been launched over the month of April with a call to Christians to practice prayer over fear during this time the country is dealing with the corona virus pandemic.

Many churches have come together under the Kenya Church Prayer Response to declare healing for the crises we are facing as a nation.

Speaking to Hope Newswatch, Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK) Coordinating Chair at the Executive Board Pastor Othniel Mwabili of City Revival Temple Shofar House said most people are afraid of the virus from media reports and urged the public to engage in prayer through faith and grace.

While supporting ministry of Health recommendations to sanitize among other measures to defeat corona virus, Mwabili urged Kenyans and especially the church to cooperate with the government saying it is through the efforts that the citizens will be protected.

Mwabili who said that various churches are coming on board to pray through the month of April further added that the directive to not congregate at this time is going to somehow change the way church service is conduction in the future given the opportunity technology offers to believers.

Bishop Mwabili further urges  people to turn to God and accept salvation through Jesus Christ in light of the times that the world is living in as foretold in scripture when Jesus said that is would be the beginning of birth pains.

Citam Parklands Pastor Abok Ager who is involved with the Intercessors for Kenya prayer ministry said the church is coming together in unity to call on God through prayer saying different denominations will be taking their slot in the prayer marathon which will go on uninterrupted for 30 days spread over 8 watches of the day.

For those infected with corona virus Pastor Ager said that God will heal them adding that the intercessors will also commit front line health workers to God in prayer for divine protection as they respond to covid 19 patients.

Earlier, Reverend Dr David Oginde who chairs the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya dedicated the Prayer Manual to God signifying the launch of the joint prayer effort by the various churches.