President Uhuru Kenyatta says Kenya must give, “a serious thought” to its continued membership at the Hague based International Criminal Court (ICC).

Addressing Kenyans at Nyayo Stadium on Monday, during the 53rd Jamhuri Day celebrations, the President dismissed the ICC as mere a “tool of global power politics and not the justice it was built to dispense.”

“We are not the world most powerful nor the richest, but we are entitled to a share of respect for our nationhood, our sovereignty and our laws,” he asserted.

He said their experience at The Hague, together with the Deputy President William Ruto was a perfect prove that the court was not impartial.

“We have started to see many others nations openly recognizing that ICC is not impartial, some have withdrawn others have considered that step,” he pointed out.

He said the country had sought changes that would align the ICC to respect countries sovereignty, but he lamented that they were not forthcoming.