The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority EPRA has announced new decreased pump prices for Super Petrol, diesel and Kerosene that will be in force from midnight tonight to the the 14th of May 2020.

The new prices will see Super Petrol now reduce by Ksh 18 per litre, Diesel by Ks 4.09 per litre and Kerosene by Ksh 18.18 per litre. The new prices now mean that Super PEtrol will now retail at Ksh 92.87 per litre in Nairobi, Diesel at Ksh 97.56 per litre and Kerosene at Ksh 77.28.

In Mombasa, the commodities will retail at Ksh 90.40 per litre of Super Petrol, Ksh 95.09 a litre for Diesel and Ksh 74.82 per litre of Kerosene.Meanwhile, Nakuru will from midnight sell a litre of Super diesel at Ksh 92.71, A litre of Diesel at Ksh 97.53 and kerosene at Ksh 77.32 per litre.

EPRA said the the new maximum wholesale and retail prices of petroleum products are as a consequence ove the average landed cost of the products in the international market.

It further stated that Diesel cagos used in the computation of this month’s prices were procured in February 2020 when the crude oil prices were relatively high. Accordingly the effect of the recent crush in crude oil prices will be reflected in the retail price of diesel in subsequent reviews.