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Africa Inland Child and Community Agency for Develoment AICAD has been spreaheading community awareness in kibera to have families equipped with covid 19 information.

In an interview this morning, Reverend Matthew Okeyo says that one of the challenges families encountred is having to choose between food and masks pointing to the financial struggles.

The Director of the agency says that misinformation and myths surrounding the current pandemic, also contributes to exposing the families to the risk of infection.

In their tour of Kibra the group found that some of the people do not understand how the disease spreads and are yet to appreciate the social distancing rule adding that cultural practices such as hand shaking is still embraced by some.

Reverend Okeyo has added that they are taking deliberate efforts to use simple words and the local language which the community can understand to reach the safety messages out.

The Africa Inland Child and Community Agency Development has distributed masks to people in Kibra especially boda boda operators saying they are among the vulnerable groups owing to their occupation.

Reverend Okeyo further says that his agency has installed hand washing water points in open areas where boda boda riders pick passengers.

Rev Okeyo has called on Kenyans to mobilize and extend help to struggling families affected by the current pandemic.

He has said that they are offering guidance and cousnelling services among the families experiencing gender based violence noting that it is not only the women who are affected but men as well.