East Africa Legislative Assembly MP David Ole Sankok is on the spot over remarks he made as he promoted his Country Lodge business.

In a strongly worded statement, the Narok County Assembly Women Caucus, said they have taken issue with the sexual predation with which the EALA Legislator condoned, encouraged and promoted in the video.

“In the video, Ole Sankok pays emphasis on what he calls a lovers’ nest, a wooden house on top of the acacia tree. He alleges that once lovers have accessed the lovers’ nest, the ladder is removed, ” stated Sintei Nchoe, the Caucus secretary, who went on to quote the legislator’s remarks in the promotional video.

The legislator in the video that has since gone viral,  says most ladies often change their minds once they have been invited by their partners. As if to assure the male clientele, the legislator who owns the Osim Country Lodge, says the ladies will not be able to change their mind and disappoint their male partners, since the ladder to the top of the acacia tree will be removed so that they are locked up in the nest for the rest of the night.

While taking issue with the remarks, the Narok County Assembly Women Caucus termed them as demeaning and encouraging sexual exploitation ,rape and defilement of women and girls.

“They (remarks) must be condemned and frowned upon. The degree of condemnation must be particularly high when such remarks are particularly uttered by a former nominated member of the National Assembly and current EALA MP”, the women stated.

“Ole Sankok has scandalized the office he holds on behalf of the Kenyan people and put to question his suitability as a legislator entrusted with sensitive issues of the East African federation,” Nchoe added.

The women are now urging women and girls to stay safe and avoid the Osim Lodge as their safety and security is threatened. They are also demanding that Ole Sankok pulls down the offending video from all social media and other platforms, and that he issues an apology with the same prominence and circulation as the promotional video.

Their remarks come as the Coalition Against Sexual Violence (CSV) similarly issued a statement saying they were shocked and deeply appalled by the legislator’s remarks as he attempted to promote his resort.

While quoting the remarks of the legislator in the promotional video, the Coalition said the rhetoric represent the most basic forms of normalizing rape culture and thrive on persistent gender inequalities and harmful attitudes about gender, and sexuality.

“According to the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS) over 40% of women in Kenya have experienced physical or sexual intimate partner violence in their lifetime. These shocking statistics demand urgent action and a change in societal attitudes towards women and their rights”, the Coalition Against Sexual Violence pointed out.

“We urge all Kenyans to join us in condemning these reckless remarks and standing against all forms of sexual violence and the normalization of rape culture” the Coalition added, as it demanded for a public apology from the EALA MP .

The coalition further demanded that the Tourism  Regulatory Authority must ensure that all hotels and other establishments that offer accommodation do not abate rape culture or encourage an environment that promote sexual abuse.