A new survey by IPSOS shows that 50 percent of Kenyans will vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta if elections were held today.

“More less the same as the 51 percent we saw for Jubilee, 50 percent said they would vote for the incumbent – Uhuru Kenyatta,” IPSOS lead researcher Tom Wolf said Wednesday when he released the survey.

The survey conducted between 17th and 19th of December among 1,000 respondents further shows that Jubilee is the most popular party at 51 percent followed by CORD and its constituent parties at 27 percent.

“On the opposition side, if you add ODM’s 19 percent, CORD alliance 6 percent and 2 percent of Wiper, you get 27 percent, you see the advantage that Jubilee has over CORD of about double, 51 vs 27 percent,” the lead researcher for IPSOS told a news conference.

Whereas there is no one challenging the current President for the nomination within Jubilee for the presidential candidacy, he said, “we don’t know who the opposition candidate will be or how many they will be. In a way we are comparing apples with oranges. Once the opposition has announced who their candidates will be, we will have more realistic figures.”