The  proposed National Multi-Sectoral Conference by President William Ruto, that is seeking to  address the issues raised in the recent protests spearheaded by Gen Z youth countrywide,will now begin  on Monday the 15th of July.
According to the president, the conference to be held for six days  will include 150 members, 50 of them youth, while 100 will come from religious institutions, civil society organisations, professional organisations and political parties, among other stakeholders.
President Ruto said participants in the conference will cover their expenses according to the government’s austerity policy.
Speaking at a press conference at the KICC in, Nairobi, during the signing of the IEBC (Amendment) Bill into law, the President asked various stakeholders to present their representatives by Friday, and  invited political parties and all other stakeholders to work with the government in designing a new way for the country.
The President said he is confident that Kenyans and their leaders will unite together for the benefit of the country.