Sports, politicians, tragedies and health issues have been the key interests for Kenyans in 2016 according to Google’s trending searches.

Euro 2016 was the most searched term by Kenyans in 2016 with Donald Trump, Olympics Games in Rio, Jacob Juma and Muhammad Ali making the top five most searched terms this year.

Other personalities that made it to the top 10 list include Hillary Clinton, Diana Chelele, Lucy Kibaki and Achieng Abura, with the much-talked x-rated party Project X also making it to the list.

Four out of 10 most searched events were politics-related.

In addition to the Rio Olympics, the US elections, Brexit, Uganda elections, Holi Festival, Kericho by-election, Bob Collymore wedding, Ramadan 2016 and the Huruma tragedy dominated searched events.

Google Country Manager Charles Muritu says the key highlights in this year’s search trends is that Kenyans continue to use search as a source of information and finding out how to do things.

“We found out people are consistently curious and just want to know about their surroundings and so we see the searches about how to i.e how to do something or what is,” says Muritu.

Kenyans were also keen on staying healthy, cooking and personal care, with interior design ideas making an entrance in this year’s trending search.

How to lose weight fast, create a blog, keep natural hair soft, bleach skin professionally and save money were the top searches in the ‘how to’ category.

Google Kenya also revealed YouTube video views had grown by 40 percent from 157 million views in 2015 to 300 million in 2016, driven by mobile devices.

Kenya’s Trending Searches

  1. Euro 2016

  2. Donald Trump

  3. Olympic Games Rio 2016

  4. Jacob Juma

  5. Muhammad Ali

  6. Hillary Clinton

  7. Diana Chelele

  8. Lucy Kibaki

  9. Project X

  10. Achieng Abura

Kenya’s Trending Events

  1. Olympic Games 2016

  2. U.S election

  3. Brexit

  4. UEFA Euro 2016

  5. Uganda elections

  6. Holi Festival

  7. Kericho by-election

  8. Bob Collymore wedding

  9. Ramadan 2016

  10. Huruma tragedy

Kenya’s Trending “How to”Searches

  1. How to lose weight fast

  2. How to create a blog

  3. How to keep natural hair soft

  4. How to save money

  5. How to bleach skin professionally

  6. How to chat with girls

  7. How to get a flat stomach

  8. How to treat a burn at home

  9. How to answer interview questions

  10. How to use colored bulbs for interior decor

 Kenya’s Trending “What is” Searches
  1. What is happening in Aleppo?

  2. What is going on in Ethiopia?

  3. What is the meaning of red heart?

  4. What is devolution?

  5. What is candidiasis?

  6. What is nausea?

  7. What is halitosis?

  8. What is pdf?

  9. What is mocha?

  10. What is detox?

 Kenya’s  “How to” Health Searches
  1. How to lose weight fast

  2. How to get a flat stomach

  3. How to calculate my pregnancy

  4. How to stop smelly feet

  5. How to lower blood pressure

  6. How to treat itchy eyes

  7. How to calculate safe days

  8. How to cure tonsils

  9. How to gain weight in one day

  10. How to treat stomach ulcers