Motorists can once again breathe a sigh of relief after The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Thursday announced yet another major drop in fuel prices.

Kerosene consumers who are apparently the majority in the country will however pay more for this commodity.

According to the latest monthly prices set by EPRA, in Nairobi, Super petrol will sell for Ksh.83.33, Diesel Sh. 78.37 and Sh. Kerosene Sh. 79.77.

In Mombasa, Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene will retail at Ksh 80.85, Ksh 75.88 and Ksh 77.29 respectively.

Those in Nakuru will buy Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene at Ksh 83.22, Ksh 78.41 and Ksh 79.81 respectively while Eldoret resident will pay Ksh 84.20 for Super Petrol, Ksh 79.38 for Diesel and Ksh 80.78 for kerosene.

In Kisumu, they will retail at Ksh 84.19, Ksh 79.37 and Ksh 80.77 for Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene. 

The prices announced will be in force from midnight, to June 14th this year.

In the April review, Super Petrol dropped by Ksh18, diesel by Ksh4 and Kerosene Ksh18 with the regulator attributing the drop to decreased prices of the weighted average cost of imported refined petroleum products.