Local hotel chains are enforcing precautionary measures for guests and staff by issuing hygiene and safety advisories against the spread of the coronavirus.

PrideInn hotels has issued a statement on its preparedness and precautionary measures to assure guests, staff and anyone getting into their facilities of their safety.

“Hospitality is a high-risk sector, since we are on the absolute front line of meeting and greeting visitors from all over the world,” Said PrideInn Managing Director Hasnain Noorani.

He said that the hotel has ensured that staff and guests are safe during their stay.

“The safety and health of our guests, employees and anyone in our hotels is of paramount importance to us. We are doing everything that we can to ensure that our guests have a safe and pleasant stay as it has always been the case,” said Mr. Hasnain.

The hotel has said its working with the respective county governments and the ministry of health, on handling any Coronavirus Case.

Noorani said the hotel chain is carrying out temperature checks for staff, vendors as well as guests using non-invasive thermometers across its hotels.

“Our staff have been trained and briefed on the corona virus symptoms and are encouraged to report any person suspected to management for quick action.  In terms of measures taken, we have gone ahead to acquire thermo guns for screening by the clinical officers at the hotel and we have doctors on call with the option of ambulance services at every hotel,” added Mr. Noorani

Hotels and resorts accommodation sector are focusing on health and safety.

“Additional measures include provision of special   hand sanitisers at every corner of the hotel including in the pick up vehicle, intensified disinfection of all rooms and air-conditioning systems and increased pest control and fumigation services to guarantee highest standards of hygiene ,” He added.