President  Uhuru Kenyatta has  launched the Nairobi Street Kitchen (NSK), Nairobi’s newest and most unique dining experience.  The Nairobi Street Kitchen is a chain of fast food eateries, restaurants, art galleries and bars, operating in one location in a Western street-food market style.

The first street kitchen of its kind in Kenya, NSK  incorporates an eclectic collection of restaurants, bars and entertainment spaces setting the perfect mood for any occasion.

In his remarks, the President  congratulated NSK  for being  innovative and creative to add a unique culinary experience to the hospitality industry.

Speaking at the launch event at NSK, Mpaka Road, Westlands  in Miritini, Group CEO of Simba Corp, Dinesh Kotecha said, “We are  extremely pleased to unveil the long-awaited innovative street food market.  It is the first of its kind in Kenya as it incorporates a kaleidoscope of culinary adventure of 11 different cuisines including Mexican, South East Asian, Portuguese, Indian street food presented in fun, expressive and creative setting.  Our Passion brings out the best in us and we don’t just satisfy our customers – we delight them with every visit!”.

Nairobi Street Kitchens is an exceptionally artsy setting and can host musical experiences, party nights, family meals for a lazy Sunday and flea markets. It’s the perfect spot to sit in for a business lunch or romantic dinner and most certainly a nice spot to catch a drink after-work and on weekends.

Through its food production and hospitality, NSK is providing employment to Kenyans, which according to Statista the unemployment rate stood at 6.6 percent in the first quarter of 2021 against 5.4 percent in the previous quarter.