Penda Health has introduced a home drug delivery solution and free virtual consultations for patients in a bid to bolster health outcomes to Kenyans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The service, dubbed “Pigia Penda,” allows patients to receive a free consultation and an over the phone prescription if needed. Any prescribed medicines are then delivered at a cost.

Speaking while marking the end of a one-month pilot phase, Penda Health’s General Manager for Medical Centres, Marion Kago, said that Penda Health is exploring new avenues of healthcare delivery during this exceptional time when the government is encouraging people to stay at home as part of COVID-19 containment measures.

“The goal of any healthcare delivery system is to support optimal health outcomes for patients. With this service, we are providing cost-effective and patient-centered alternatives to visiting our branches physically,” Ms. Kago said.

“While we remain open to serve patients in our Medical Centres, we know that many patients are not comfortable visiting for less serious complaints. This virtual option enables us to still attend to patients without requiring the patient to leave the safety of their home.”

The available services under this option include Free virtual consultations, Prescription of medicine and  Delivery of medicine.The service is available for outpatients and payable via mobile money.