LG Electronics (LG) has publicly committed to transition completely to renewable energy by 2050 as a key component of its sustainability strategy.

The announcement is contained in the just released LG Electronics Sustainability Report and  echoes its earlier promise to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 through the Zero Carbon 2030 initiative in which the global consumer appliances giant pledged to reduce carbon emissions in the production stage to 50 percent of 2017 standards by 2030.

The transformation will be implemented region by region starting in North America where every office and manufacturing site will be powered by renewable energy within the year. LG manufacturing facilities outside of Korea are on target to convert 50 percent of their electricity needs to renewable energy in the next four years.

“Our commitment to creating a better life for all can best be actualized by LG transition to renewable energy and achieving carbon neutrality,” said Park Pyung-gu, senior vice president at LG Electronics Safety & Environment Division.

He further explained that sustainability is a long-term commitment transcending generations hence the desire by LG to fully embrace renewable energy across its operations.

In a statement, LG said  achieving this objective globally will require a diverse strategy, including installing high-efficiency LG solar panels on its buildings and utilizing power purchase agreements that allow companies to purchase electricity directly from suppliers.

The plan also entails use of Renewable Energy Credit (REC) certificates and participating in the Green Premium program in Korea, LG’s home market, to purchase clean energy directly from the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO).