After a series of nationwide anti-government protests being spearheaded by a group of youths famously known as Gen Z, leaders from the North Rift region and close allies to president William Ruto are now calling on the head of state to fully exercise his constitutional powers by arresting all those they termed to be behind the ongoing demos.
Led by West Pokot governor Simon Kachapin who spoke during the launching of the Kabichbich health center Paediatric Ward that will serve hundreds of expectant mothers within the region, leaders condemned the vice, maintaining that some leaders from the region are behind this, calling on the President to move with speed and bring them to book. “As leaders we will not sit down and watch our Sons and daughters engage in unlawful acts, we have a constitution that we need to respect, who are those inciting our children? Why are they doing this, how do they want the current regime to run the government? Where do they want us to end? It’s so bad, therefore I urge our president to stand firm and use his powers to defend our Constitution” Governor Kachapin said. 
On Thursday, Sigor mp Peter Lochakapong who is also president Ruto’s allie in West Pokot issued a stern warning to those he said have been sabotaging Kenya kwanza’s efforts to restore the country’s economy, arguing that the nation will not be brought to a stand still by cartels whose interest is to forcefully eject President Ruto out of office.  “We thought it was about the finance bill but it has turned out to be something else and need to overthrow the Government which was put in place with the people. We have people misusing Gen Z without them knowing. Even after the President withdrew the bill, youths are still adamant that the President should vacate office.” he said.
Mr Lochakapong affirmed his support for the President citing that they will still defend him. He condemned planners and financiers of the demonstrations adding that Kenya was on the right track.
“Let them wait till 2027 or 20232. We support the President 100 percent. The Dollar has gone down and Kenyan shilling gained. Kenya has changed and there is no way someone can get power through the backdoor without following the constitution. The economy is improving and some people are not happy” he said. He cautioned youths over misusing social media accusing unnamed individuals for financing youths against atrocities.
“When Kenya gets destroyed everyone will be affected. The President is ready to listen. There was public participation and stakeholder’s engagement before the finance bill came. What do they want if they are not ready for engagement?. We want to know who is behind these youths. Some are politicians, nongovernmental organisations and business people. We need to know them and what their aim is,” he said. He added that they supported the finance bill because it had many benefits that are needed by his constituency which was marginalised.