The Kenya Tea Development Agency Management Services (KTDA MS) – a fully-owned subsidiary of KTDA Holdings Limited– has announced the suspension of the importation of fertilizer for smallholder tea farmers for the year 2020 following disruptions in the importation chain that has been occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

KTDA MS  imports fertilizer on behalf of its over 600,000 smallholder tea farmers for application during the short rains in October/November of every year. The bulk importation enables tea farmers to benefit from economies of scale, competitive prices and deliveries right at their tea buying centres. 

In a statement, KTDA however said  the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic makes it impossible for the fertilizer to be delivered in time for application by the farmers. 

In this regard, KTDA sought and obtained expert advice from the Tea Research Institute on the effects on productivity of skipping one year of fertilizer application. The advice it obtained was that it is possible to skip one year with no significant losses in yields, subject to adequate rainfall.  However, the subsequent application should not be delayed, to avoid further yield losses.

KTDA says based on the advice, the Board has suspended the Tender for importation of fertilizer to next season. Consequently, farmers will be refunded the contributions they have made in the last seven months along with accrued interest.This will be effected at the end of this month (June 2020).

KTDA informed farmers who may wish to apply fertilizer to their farms notwithstanding the given advice, to source the same from government-approved commercial suppliers with tea fertilizer stocks. The tea agency says it will  advise all stakeholders of the commencement of the next year’s procurement.