The Kenya National Union of Teachers – KNUT, has called on the teachers to set up a gender based desk in schools to facilitate any cases of gender violence that might have happened during Covid-19 while schools were closed.

KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion says teachers will provide social-psychological support to such children to ensure their minds are steadfast for the curriculum and further called on gender activists and leaders, including the Kenya Women Parliamentary Association – KEWOPA to ensure all children get back to schools.

In a press briefing this morning at the KNUT headquarters, Sossion urged the teachers to go the extra mile to identify those cases and commit to assisting them go back to school.

“We are urging teachers, map out. Even if you get girls who are expectant. And of course, naturally out of stigma,they would like to withdraw.And this is a very dangerous thing. Let us learn to love our children, and get them back”, Sossion said.

He added that teachers are ready to commence work advising parents to take their children to schools immediately the government makes an announcement on when schools should resume learning, saying teachers are well prepared.

“Kenya National Union of Teachers is calling on teachers that when they resume on Monday, to map out and ensure that all girls and boys are back in school, regardless of the challenges and situations they’ve been in”, Sossion added.

“We must work with the ministry of Education and Teachers service commission very closely, so that the gender issues and the gender violence and recovery is an activity in every school. So, I’m giving direction to all the branches that we must establish a gender desk. And the gender desk in every school must be recognized. And that gender desk must have a strong committee to be able to deal with the emerging issues”