Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o has threatened to sack striking health workers from the county’s payroll. In a statement today, the governor said he will effect the move should the health workers fail to report to their work stations by Friday 2;30pm..

Nyong’o has termed the strike unjustified and meant to defeat the ends of justice by subjecting innocent citizens to unwarranted suffering.

“I declare that the strike is baseless and in bad faith, contrary to the ethics and call of duty of health workers in particular and civil servants in general,” Nyong’o said.

“Any health worker who will not have reported to their work station as directed shall be deemed to have absconded duty and will be removed from the county government’s payroll with immediate effect,” Nyongo said.

On Wednesday, the health workers pledged not to relent until their grievances are met. They demand promotions, redeployment, payment of salary arrears and Covid-19 ‘hazard’ allowances.

Doctors in the county have also joined in the strike making similar demands.