President Uhuru Kenyatta’s salary and that of his deputy William Ruto will increase by 10 per cent in the year starting July amid the government’s push to reduce the ballooning public wage bill.

Treasury documents show that the combined annual pay of the President and Mr Ruto will increase to Sh40.2 million in the 2017/18 year from the current Sh36.6 million.

But their allowances remain unchanged at Sh14.6 million.

The two got a 9.1 per cent pay rise last year despite their announcement in 2014 that they had taken a 20 per cent pay cut to contain the bloated wage bill.

The pay increase will only apply if the two are re-elected in the August polls.

Should they fail to be re-elected, the new office bearer will start on a lower pay set by the salaries commission.