All the more than 20 assemblies of Christ is The Answer Ministries CITAM opened their doors for in person worship for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic struck the country in March.

The assemblies had last week urged members to book online to be able to attend physical service in their respective assemblies, in phase one of the resumption of in-house services.

Only two services were held in the assemblies. However Sunday school and teens churches were disallowed, as all members held congregational worship.

Presiding Bishop David Oginde who taught the CITAM church online, to still cter for those who continued to attend online services, spoke on Aligning to God’s Voice’.The message was trending on social media and was number 1 on twitter.

In CITAM Rongai, the Mkono Wa Bwana song by Zabron Kahama singers got members on their feet praising the LORD for resumption of service, as members rejoiced in the lifting of the restrictions on church services.

The inter-religious council of the resumption of church services allowed those aged from 6 and 65 years to resume in-house service in the phased re-opening. Services are also allowed to run for one and a half hours.

All these under strict observance of COVID 19 regulations by the ministry of health.