The Government is set to recruit additional medical personnel to curb the spread of CoronaVirus in the country. This follows the confirmation of the First Case in Kenya by the health cabinet secretary, Mutahi Kagwe.

The National Security Council that met this morning to receive a report from the National Emergency Response Committee on COVID-19, deliberated on the current situation and resolved on implementing measures that will ensure containment of the virus. A statement from State house spokesperson, Kanze Dena said:

“Additional medical personnel be recruited and retained on an emergency basic contract to support the precautionary management measures to enhance surveillance and check any possible spread of the coronavirus in the country.”

The government announced that about 5000 medical personnel were being trained on the same to combat the virus.

“All National Government Administration Officers in the country, right from National to sub-location level to be tasked immediately to ensure that all the measures announced by the committee including continued public awareness on the role of hygiene in the prevention of the spread of coronavirus,  and discouragement of mass gatherings and meetings and continued monitoring and surveillance are put in place.”

This comes as Ghana has reported two cases of COVID-19. Countries in Africa and outside the continent have banned flights from Corona-hit countries to avoid spread of the deadly virus.