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Young protestors have made it clear that they will not relent in their push for justice for their fellows, allegedly killed by police during past demos against the Bill which has since been withdrawn. Today Protesters have gathered in different places across the country. In Migori county, youths blocked several roads and lit tires making the roads impassable.

In Mombasa County, Police were forced to intervene to rescue a suspected thief from being lynched after he was caught by anti-government protesters, as a big number of protesters marched to protest against the government chanting loudly, Ruto must go.
Businesses remained closed in Mwembe Tayari as anti-gov’t protests gathered pace in Mombasa town, forcing Mbaraki Girls Secondary School to send pupils home

And in Nakuru county, the protests continued with angered youths expressing that they are not ready to engage in any talks with the president, the protesters insisted that it is high time the president should plan his exit from office.
(NATS). Still in Nakuru businessman Maina Wakabura says he has been summoned by DCI to record a statement on suspicion of funding the ongoing anti-gov’t protests.

On the other hand in Kisii County, another round of protests was witnessed as youths returned to the streets to call on President William Ruto to undertake reforms in his government.
Others, however, said they wanted him to relinquish power over the spiraling cost of living in the country.
In dozens, they pitched camp at the Kisii town roundabout hooting vuvuzelas and later walked in the streets chanting anti-government slogans.
This comes as Business slowed in Kisii as protests gained momentum.