The ongoing Christ is the answer ministries CITAM second annual congregational prayers and fasting program enters the fourth day today with a key focus in the upcoming family discipleship conference which is slated for next month.

Today’s prayer points are centered on praying for Impactful family conference-and Protection and anointing for speakers who will be ministering during the conference.

Faithful are also praying for Unity and commitment among workers and the delivery of Quality service by service providers. The church is also calling on faithful to pray that the conference will attract more Kenyans and that many will be impacted.

The family discipleship conference is set to kick off from the 20th to the 24th of next month with a host of speakers lined up for the four day event.

Among the speakers in the hybrid in-person and virtual event is CITAM presiding bishop, Bishop Calisto Odede, the founder of South Africa school of missionaries, Dr. John Mpaphuli, and bible expositor Dr. Mamusha Fenta from Ethiopia.

The 14 days program kicked off on Sunday and ends on the 10th of next month with Christian faithful being urged to pray over the various pray items on the set days.

On the first day, the Faithful were urged to make prayers of adoration, repentance, thanksgiving and revival, based on different scripture readings.

On Monday, which was the second day of the fasting and prayer program, it was a day for praying for healthy relationships, healing and deliverance from sickness and oppression, based on Matthew 11:28 . Other prayer points were for unity, peace and harmony in the society, economic recovery and divine provision, as per Philippians 4:7, and prayers for the widows, singles and orphans as written in James 1:27

On Tuesday, the congregants  made thanksgiving for the growth of the church, and prayed for the stability of new churches. They also committed to prayer the provision and protection of church members, and prayed for the provision and protection of the church leadership, namely the Bishops, pastors, staff, elders and deacons.