Football Kenya Federation and the Kenyan Premier League on Thursday agreed to work towards the realisation of an 18-team league.

After a grueling five-hour meeting, representatives from both sides agreed to implement an 18-team league, with FKF accepting to foot the two teams’ additional costs.

Sports Disputes Tribunal chairman John Ohaga also provided the assurance that all stops will be pulled to ensure that the league kicks off by February 11, and that the only issue remaining is to harmonise the new league’s budget.

“This is now behind us. It has been a gruelling journey, but there is now a clear direction about this issue.

“Both parties have agreed to institute a league comprising 18 teams, and the only pending issue is working out the exact figures.

“For this, both parties have agreed to send in their accountants tomorrow to agree on the financial details.

“Both parties have however agreed to cut costs and come up with a realistic figure which will be paid by the federation for the additional teams,” he said.

Ohaga’s statement was backed up by FKF President Nick Mwendwa who said that his office will forfeit the club licensing fees, and top this amount up with Sh36 million over four years to facilitate the new league format.