Equity has emerged as the most loved Kenyan banking brand among Kenyan women. This is according to an IPSOS survey which sampled 1,000 adult women from all the former eight provinces in the country.

Overall, Equity was ranked fourth after Safaricom, M-Pesa and Airtel. The survey aimed at providing Kenyan businesses with scientific insights on women’s preferences and how they drive purchasing habits of consumer goods and services.

“The research shows the role that telecommunications and financial services play in the lives of Kenya’s women, who are majority owners of small and micro enterprises,” says the study.

The survey titled “Most Loved Brands by Women in Kenya 2022” also found out that Kenyan women were most concerned about their finances, family, career, education and personal issues.

Speaking at the report’s launch, BSD Group CEO Eva Muraya said the study speaks directly to the economic empowerment of women from a purchasing ability. She said research shows that 80% of consumer decisions are made by women.

“It also showcases the need for corporates to engage and give opportunities in the development of products and services that address women’s needs because today women account for over 65% of businesses although mainly in the SME sector,” she said.

She said research shows that 80% of consumer decisions are made by women.

The survey also found out that women in Kenya have become less worried about getting very sick, not being able to put food on the table and not achieving their goals in life in line with the eased restrictions of the COVID 19 pandemic.

This survey was released as part of this month’s focus on women under the 2022 International Women’s Day theme ‘Breaking the Bias.’

Domestic abuse and sexual abuse/violence are still a major issue and are more called out by women in Kenya, versus the previous wave. Barriers to ease of doing work are less expressed in this wave, in line with economic recovery.