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The Ministry of Education is exploring ways and means of institutionalizing chaplaincy services in Basic education institutions in the country.

Jointly with the National Committee on Chaplaincy, the Ministry is working a framework under which chaplains can offer spiritual and moral guidance to learners in Basic Education institutions,

The Acting Director for Field Coordination and Co-Curricular Activities (FC&CCA), Hassan Duale said the Ministry is working with Faith Based Organisations (FBO), under the auspices of National Committee on Chaplaincy Services in Schools, to develop rules and guidelines that will govern the operationalization of the service in schools.

 Speaking in Embu County, Duale said the Ministry and FBO looks forward to ensuring that chaplains help students to cope with the ambiguities and complexities of life adding that inability to cope with stress and anxieties has capacity to disorient students who eventually engage in self destructive behavior.

He said the presence of chaplains will provide a listening ear and a caring presence for learners grappling with crisis of one kind or another or simply be around for those who need a friend to listen to.

Further the Director said the National Committee on Chaplains Services, which is chaired by National Association of Christian Chaplains, Rev John Gatu, has the mandate to develop guidelines on the delivery of chaplain’s services to schools.

Separately, Speaking during the during the meat of the word program, Christ is the answer ministries presiding bishop, Bishop Calisto Odede has welcomed the introduction of school chaplains in secondary schools to address students unrest.

Bishop Odede  said that the move will help in bring the spiritual aspect to help mitigate the unrest currently experienced in schools.