The Djibouti Africa Regional Express 1 (DARE 1) Sub Marine Cable is now in Mombasa. The DARE 1 cable which is a consortium consisting of Telkom Kenya, Somtel – a private Telecoms operator in Somalia, and Djibouti Telecom, will now offer a strategic alternative in the routing of traffic as well as the handling of increased capacity to East Africa. 

The DARE 1 sub-sea cable is a 3-fiber pair, with a capacity of 36TB each. Kenya has access to both, one an express route from Djibouti to Mombasa and the second one terminating into Somalia and then Kenya.

 The DARE 1 cable now strategically boosts Mombasa’s position as a co-location hub and a key gateway into East Africa, given the ability to move data quickly and cheaply, via a secure connection with other data centers, looking to gain a footprint in the region. On the other hand, the continued growth in consumer demand for connectivity and data will unlock new markets for Content Development Networks and Over the Top Service Providers to the country.

In a statement, Managing Director, Carrier Services Division at Telkom Kenya Kebaso Mokogi said “A decade after the landing of the first sub-marine cable in Kenya, DARE 1 not only brings a unique investment opportunity to the country but unrivaled redundant international connection on newer technology, as we seek to strengthen our value proposition to our customers.

 He added, ‘As a Telco, we play a strategic role in the development of critical infrastructure to support the advancement of Kenya and the region into digital economies.”