A majority of Kenyans think that Coronavirus is a Nairobi disease. This is among findings presented in a research dubbed Sauti za Wananchi.

In the research, 7 out of 10 respondents said they see older people as most at risk of contracting the Coronavirus, while 4 out of 10 cited those with pre-existing conditions.

The new data on Kenya’s COVID 19 knowledge, attitudes and practices also showed that Women, older citizens and those in rural areas are more likely than others to have positive feelings about the government’s ability to handle the outbreak and the actions the government has taken so far.

Overall, Nairobi residents were more confident in the government’s response compared to Mombasa residents at 54{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33} and 54{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33} respectively. Meanwhile, 85{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33} of citizens reported that lost income or other financial constraints are one of the ways their households have been affected by Covid-19 so far.

This is followed by increased food prices at 28{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33} and reduced interaction with friends at 23{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33}. The research was conducted between May 29 and June 30 this year by Twaweza Kenya among 3,000 respondents.

The survey showed that 68{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33} of households reported that their basic daily food intake has become worse over the previous month, including 26{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33} who say it has become much worse.

52{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33} of households report having seen food increase in price over the previous two weeks. This is a little lower in Nairobi (47{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33}) than elsewhere. Sugar ranked highest in the listof commodities that respondents felt had increased in price, at 16{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33}, followed by maize at 13{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33} and vegetables at 11{d59e984f9fbc5c09e4ab0305e27bfa5819922b7230cd324f89a660f78358ca33}.

These effects are consistent across Kenya, though residents of Nairobi, & other urban areas are a little more likely than their rural colleagues to report lost income or financial difficulties.

Nairobi residents are less likely to report hiked food prices as a problem.

Commenting on the research conducted between 29 of May to 30th June among 3,000 respondents, Dr. Andrew Were said the government needs to do more and use available funds to address the pertinent issues related to the pandemic.